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Do I need a cable modem with my REV Internet service?

Cable Internet service requires a modem. REV provides modems as part of all cable Internet services. A modem is not required for fiber Internet service.

Does your Internet service require a speed "boosting technology"?

No. Our High-Speed Internet service consistently delivers sustained high speeds without the need for any sort of speed “boosting”.

Will REV ever deliberately slow my Internet service down?

No. REV will never deliberately slow down or throttle your Internet speed due to your data usage. 

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Battery Backup Unit (BBU)

Our Fiber Network customers are less likely to lose service during a hurricane because REV's Fiber Network is a state-of-the-art network that is mostly underground. Even in the event of a power outage, most of our Fiber Network customers can power their REV-installed Battery Backup Unit (BBU) with a generator and still have phone, TV and Internet service.

About the BBU
  • The BBU is most often a cream-colored box (like the one pictured here), installed near your computer or home alarm panel, in a laundry room or closet. Or, some REV customers may have a gray-colored BBU located outside their home. BBUs
    (Note: each customer has only one BBU.)
  • If you have difficulty locating your BBU, call us at 866-881-4REV and we will help you find it.
  • To conserve power during an outage, the BBU will power your phone service ONLY until the internal battery is depleted—unless it is connected to a generator or other power source.
  • If connected to a generator the BBU will power all of REV's Fiber Network services – Phone, TV and Internet.†
How to connect your BBU to a generator
  1. Locate the BBU inside or outside your home.
  2. It is most often installed near your computer or home alarm panel, in a laundry room or closet. 
  3. Power the BBU.
    Run an extension cord from your generator to the BBU and plug it in.
  4. Check the BBU lights.*
    If the “AC” and “Output” lights are green, the BBU is powered and functioning and your TV, Internet & phone services are connected. (See below for additional details about the BBU indicator lights.)
Understanding the BBU indicator lights (Inside BBU only.)

If you have any questions about connecting your REV services during a power outage, please call (866) 881-4REV.

† Most of our Fiber Network customers can connect their BBU to an external generator to use phone, TV and Internet services. REV is not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind due to power surges or other issues related to generator use. Never run a generator indoors. Follow generator manufacturer’s instructions for proper use. REV's Fiber Network available in select areas of Ascension and Livingston parishes. If you have connected the power cord from the generator to your BBU and services are still unavailable, please contact REV at (866) 881-4REV.

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