Our origin story

A century of excellence

Legendary high-speed fiber networks aren’t built overnight. REV’s story begins with three separate companies and more than 150 years of convergent evolution.

In the communications landscape of Louisiana, a handful of nimble providers emerged as local leaders in next-generation internet. These pioneers demonstrated that they could establish larger fiber networks, give better service and deliver more value by focusing on customers and innovation.

The original companies that would later form REV included:

  • RTC, originally in Reserve, LA, was founded in 1935 as a single phone line and that has now expanded throughout the entire region.
  • EATEL, originally in Ascension Parish, successfully launched one of the only 100 percent fiber-to-the-home networks in the country.
  • And Vision Communications, who originally served Lafourche Parish and the Grand Isle communities by expanding fiber and gig-speed internet to some of the most southern parts of the state.

Although the service areas of the three companies were geographically distant, their values and commitment to customers were nearly identical.

In 2011, EATEL acquired Vision Communications, after recognizing the potential for an even larger network. Then later in 2019, RTC and EATEL merged, becoming one of the largest local providers in Louisiana.


Minimizing Complexity, Maximizing Simplicity for Our Customers

Delivering high-quality connectivity requires a constant commitment to change and evolution. There’s no time to cling to the past.

Although the merging of the original three companies was beneficial for the customer base and helped grow the business, the move also presented identity challenges. That’s why, in 2022, the brand alternatingly referred to as RTC/EATEL/Vision was streamlined as REV, an acronym for the three original companies.

The decision was not made lightly. Following an exhaustive study into possible brand names and concepts, the tri-branded company finally found an identity that was front-and-center all along.

Why the Name REV?

The name REV is more than an acronym for the three original companies: it’s both a homage to the past as well as a promise of a better future.

Audibly, the name REV connotes speed, power, and revolution. At REV, we’re not just an internet company, we’re in the business of possibility. We strive to move the internet faster, connect more devices, and change the way our customers interact with the technology that bridges them to the outside world.

Visually, we curated an identity that incorporates the colors of all our historical brands, the red of Vision, the orange and blue of RTC, and the blue and white of EATEL and put it all together to create a rich deep purple.

RTC Logo

Our Values

By remembering where we came from, we can be more confident in the direction that we’re going. Here’s what some of our many long-term employees say about the new REV:

“I know in the future there will be changes and we will just need to continue being the best at what we do. It’s all about your customer service. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.”

–Frances Tempanaro, Sales leader, employed since 2012

“When the fiber was launched, everybody wanted to learn it because that’s where the future was headed. So, it was a job that you wanted to become a part of. I really learned that EATEL was one big family after one of the storms. We were working around the clock and whenever we got home, I was quite surprised.”

–Joey Babin, Fiber Optics technician, employed since 1999

Working For Our Customers, Through All Kinds of Weather

Serving the Gulf Coast presents numerous challenges and opportunities, which REV is well-positioned to help overcome.

One such disaster was the 2016 flood, which devastated Baton Rouge and Ascension Parish, damaging more than 146,000 homes. Many in our services area suffered the ravaging waters, but EATEL’s advanced network sustained comparatively little damage and was largely intact.

Another was Hurricane Ida, which caused more than $18 billion in insured losses in Louisiana. REV’s service area in Larose and Grand Isle were among the hardest-hit regions in the State. Further, recovery issues were exacerbated by supply chain difficulties. During the storm, REV worked extended days, suspended billing in heavily affected regions, and re-built large portions of infrastructure practically from the ground up.

Each new disaster brings new lessons for us. And although telecommunications infrastructure will always be vulnerable to the forces of nature, REV builds back smarter with each passing misfortune.

Moving Forward

We’re continuing to revolutionize our industry while continuing to serve our customers and communities.

Here’s a brief preview of what we have in store for the future:

  • Expand fiber networks deeper into populous areas including Baton Rouge and all around the Gulf South.
  • Adopt the latest technologies and continue to improve service for our customers.
  • Remain a world leader in helping communities stay resilient in recovery from natural disasters, especially floods and hurricanes.
  • Continue to focus on improving customer service, every minute of every day of every year.