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HomeIQ® Features

HomeIQ® is an “always on” video monitoring and interactive smart home service that allows you to connect with your home quickly, conveniently and from anywhere. HomeIQ® is backed by one of the most reliable systems that is not susceptible to power or broadband outages. Even better, you can remotely access and control your home through an integrated single app and website for interactive security, video, energy management and home automation.

Video Monitoring

Now it’s easy to check up on the kids, your pets and valuables, and see what’s actually happening in the event of an alarm. HomeIQ®’s video monitoring includes anytime live streaming, smart clip capture with secure cloud storage, instant video alerts and continuous high definition recording.

Iphone Video

Thermostat Control

The HomeIQ® thermostat control lets you save energy simply, with no guesswork or hassle. Fully integrated into your Smart Home Security system, it can do more than other smart thermostats. This thermostat tells you what’s going on inside and outside your home, and adjusts its settings to ensure you and your family enjoy both energy savings and maximum comfort.

Iphone Thermostat

Active History

Take control of your home’s efficiency with HomeIQ’s® activity history. The activity history gives you information and details about your energy consumption patterns. You can then adjust HomeIQ® systems to schedule your heating and cooling systems to run more efficiently and save money.

Iphone Activity history

Alarm System

Keeping your family and home secure is Job 1. Unlike other systems that piggyback on your cable or phone connection, HomeIQ® systems have a dedicated connection. Internet or broadband down? No problem. Power outage? We’ve got you covered with battery backup. Phone line cut? Not an issue. HomeIQ® systems have their own dedicated, reliable cellular connection.

Iphone Alarmsystem

Access Control (Door Locks)

Stop leaving your key under the mat, or worrying that you left the garage door open. Enhance your security with complete control and visibility over all the entry points to your home. HomeIQ® seamlessly integrates door locks and garage door control to our intelligent platform, giving you the same real-time visibility, control and customized automation options that you have for your security system.

Iphone Accesscontrol

Lighting Control

Let HomeIQ® shed some light. Smart lighting is one of the most desirable aspects of the smart home. You can light and dim any room in the house just by using your smartphone to create the perfect ambience.

Iphone Lights

Garage Door Control

Using your location as a trigger, our exclusive Geo-Services feature alerts you if you leave home without securing the garage. You’ll get a pop-up smartphone alert that lets you close the door right away, from wherever you are. You can also create an alert to tell you if the door is left open for a certain amount of time.


Scenes is the latest addition to the HomeIQ® line-up, giving you the ability to adjust multiple devices in your Home IQ smart home with a single command. Ready for bed? Tap ‘Sleep’ to have your thermostat dial down or switch to the bedroom temperature sensor for perfect comfort, while your house secures itself for the night.

Video Doorbell

See and speak to visitors at your door from anywhere! The HomeIQ® Video Doorbell features an integrated video camera, PIR motion sensor, digital microphone and speaker that enables homeowners to see and speak to visitors via two-way audio – all right from the HomeIQ® app.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics continuously scans your property and notifies you when a person, vehicle, or animal is detected. Advanced detection rules enhance perimeter security by alerting you when someone’s coming or going, or even loitering on your property – all right from the HomeIQ® app.

HomeIQ® Equipment

Smart gear = a smarter home. Your HomeIQ® system features state-of-the-art security equipment along with the very latest in smart home technology, all designed to work seamlessly together.

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