Community Grants

Reach-a-Kid Teach-a-Kid

Ascension Parish Teachers…

Do you have a BRIGHT IDEA, guaranteed to make your lesson plans shine and level-up your classroom’s creative learning space? An IDEA so brilliant it will delight your students and light up their imaginations?

REV’s Reach a Kid, Teach a Kid grant program is for those who aim high and dream big!

REV awards a total of ten (10) – $500 grants to Ascension Parish teachers of both public and private schools. Winning ideas have stemmed from a variety of clever curriculums, such as inspiring original artwork, interactive history lessons, computer coding, and even interactive robotics! REV’s Reach a Kid, Teach a Kid grant program has provided over $100,000 since the original launch over 20 years ago.

Questions? Call 225-305-8001 or email [email protected]

REV is HONORED to Announce our 2023 Reach-A-Kid Teach-A-Kid Grant WINNERS!

  • Ashley Stoud – Gonzales Middle School
  • Bess Melancon – St. Amant High School
  • Christina Plaisance – Prairieville Primary School
  • Diana Riley – Lowery Middle School
  • Shannon Hudson – Dutchtown High School
  • Shelby Roberts – Prairieville Primary School
  • Sherri Shelton – Spanish Lake Primary School
  • Stephanie Dagsaan – Gonzales Middle School
  • Stephanie Henagan – Ascension Christian High School
  • Tina Johnson – East Ascension High School

(Left to Right, Back to Front): Jeremy Theriot, REV; Bess Melancon, St. Amant High School; Christina Plaisance, Prairieville Primary School; Shelby Roberts, Prairieville Primary School; Ashley Stoud, Gonzales Middle School; Diana Riley, Lowery Middle School; Stephanie Henagan, Ascension Christian High School; Sherri Shelton, Spanish Lake Primary School; Stephanie Dagsaan, Gonzales Middle School; Tina Johnson, East Ascension High School; Shannon Hudson, Dutchtown High School; Monika Arnold, REV.